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The Top Skills You Should Grow in the C-Suite

The Top Skills You Should Grow in the C-Suite

What exec skills are most treasured by companies today? Exactly how has that selection of skills changed in the last decade, and just how is it likely to change in the next ten years? Experienced search professionals commonly interview hundreds (in many situations thousands) of elderly executives; they evaluate those execs' abilities, track them over time, as well as in some cases put the exact same executive in a collection of tasks.

Right here are the C-level skills and qualities companies reward most:

Technical as well as modern technology skills. The 3rd most frequently cited requirement for C-level execs was technical skills-- particularly, deep familiarity with the body of knowledge under their auspices, such as legislation, financials, or innovation. Numerous participants emphasized innovation abilities and technical proficiency.

Numerous professionals stressed team-related abilities: building and also leading teams and functioning collegially.

Communication and presentation. Collectively, the professionals said the perfect C-suite candidate possesses the power of persuasion and also exceptional presentation abilities. This is an uphill struggle since there are many more stakeholders now compared to in the past. Speaking well to the concerns of varied target markets-- experienced as well as unsophisticated, interior and also exterior, friendly and also unconvinced-- calls for mental deftness as well as stylistic convenience.

Change-management. Essentially unrecognized and underappreciated until fairly just recently, change-management abilities are in growing need.

Integrity. Although not skills in itself, honesty as well as a track record for honest conduct are very valued, according to the professionals we checked. One claimed that working with companies want "unquestioned principles." One more mentioned that moral conduct was not clearly sought in the past but would certainly be front as well as center moving forward.

Coachability. Many think those at the top have it all handled and can't be contributed to. That couldn't be farther from the truth. The greatest leaders invariably got there because of the mentors, advisors and coaches they had (and have) supporting them. A great leader must know that they don't have all the answers and be ready to grow in every new challenge that arises. Increasingly, executive coaching is being seen as a great avenue to do this. We particularly see evidence of this in the number of corporate CEOs and executives who have coaches. It's not longer taboo. Plain and simply, it's smart.

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